Re: Swatkats Love Couples..

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 96 17:53:52 EST

>>Anyone else care to add?
>Uhh, no insult to anyone who participates in this disscussion, but Courtney
>says if they gaot married, it would suck, and for once....uh, I agree wit' her.

Gotta agree with Terra and Courtney here. We've all noticed how,
well, reckless our Kats can be. Part of the job. In action, they
think first of each other, as they rely on each other, and then of
those they protect, in a general way. If they had loved ones to
think about, loved ones who depend on them and need them to get home
safely.... well, it can be a distraction, and that extra distraction
can mean the difference between success and failure. Or life and

Sorry to add the somber note, but that's the way it is. Married Kats
would be a lot like that USAF pilot that was interviewed a few weeks
ago, based in Italy and flying missions over former-Yugo. He'd leave
his wife and kids, who lived on or near the base, fly a mission with
the potential of seeing actual combat, and then come home. Much more
stressful for him than, say, a married pilot whose family is on the
other side of the globe, or an unmarried pilot.


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