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>>But that is not his main purpose on the series (He look more like Darth
>>Vader instead of a mad scientist), there most be some evil villains that
>>use high-tech hardware to do his/her job on doing evil things (Not Hard
>>Drive of course, his job is eletrical appliances, not cyborg kats or the
>>other things that I mention.).
>I think this would be the perfect role for Dr. Greenbox who created "Zed" in
>"Unlikely Alloys". He kinda went off the deep-end near the end of that ep.
>and actually turned into a villian. He even had the same ideas as the other
>major villians -- to destroy MegaKat city with the giant laser. Were there
>plans to bring back the Doctor as a villian in future eps.?

Actually, aside from the plotlines of the three unfinished eps and a couple of spare
scripts, I have very little on what was projected for a third season. I know the Tremblays
were coming up with ideas for new bad-guys all the time ("Nimbus the Weather Warrior" for
example) and that both the "Ghost Pilot" and "Rexx Shard" would've made further appearances,
but I'm not sure about the not-so-good Doctor Greenbox. I'll ask.

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