Re: Dead SwatKats.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 20:28:52 +0700

>>WELCOME to SwatKats University
>>How to get the most speed from you jet.
>This one requires an aptitude test:
>1) Which seat do you sit in if you're flying the jet? (side-by-side
>trainers - extra points!)

The ejector seat of course, I don't want to get killed when the jet crash. :)

>2) If you're going to crash, do you:

> c) tuck that dashboard "Callie" pic in a safe place?

c), better put that in a safe place first. :)

>3) You've crashed in the past and your only hope of becoming airborne again
> appears to be "make friends with a Pterodactyl". Do you:
> b) "Use the Unleaded Volcano"
> c) drain the fuel from the ejector seats, Cyclotron and SandKat and
>dump it in the Turbokat.

b), I always use the unleaded one. :) BTW, the drain the fuel thing is
still confuse me, why they don't use the fuel from the Cyclotron? maybe it
because the Turbokat uses airplane fuel instead of a regular one.

(SwatKats etiquette.)
>>The goal is to create a SwatKats university. This should be fun. If
>>someone could gather all the responses and possible put into a single
>>document that would be great.
>Title 'em all "SwatKats University" and I'll do just that. I'm kinda
>thinking of doing a
>"SwatKats Glossary" to define a few common phrases in uncommon ways.
>Course, Santa
>never gave me "time" under the tree this year...but we'll see.

Hope that this "SwatKats University" project will be done soon, I want to
see it too.

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