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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 04:23:55 +0700

>On Sat, 6 Jan 1996, MISS DJ S CLAWSON wrote:
>Disclaimer: Haven't watched the ep, so everything written here is
>strictly based on what I've read ...
(DJ theory of temporal displacement.)
>> Dr. Jake
>Does it?
>Several problems I've found with this idea:
>1) You mentioned the idea of multiple timelines in your opening, but you
>seem to contradict that for the rest of your idea: if we indeed exist in
>every timeline, then the implication is that it would be possible to
>travel between timelines without adversely affecting the course the the
>destination timeline.

This lead the conclusion that all the timeline end in the same way. I think
that DJ mean that every characters in the kats universe exist in every
timeline, although the situation that happen to them maybe different in
every timeline.

>2) If the absence of the SWATKats in a particular point in time does indeed
>change the future after that point, then it is equally plausible that the
>Pastmaster would have never appeared in the future ruled by the Metallikats
>since most of his little time jaunts are usually a direct result of a
>defeat at the hands of the SWATKats, a defeat which might not have happened
>since the SWATKats skipped a period of their future ...

Unless there is my theory on what happen next, there is an unknown SwatKats
who masked themself as T-Bone and Razor to protect the city, and this
mysterious SwatKats is defending the city by the name of T-Bone and Razor.
This is a serious thing, what if there is someone that took their place
while they are gone?

BTW, the Pastmaster throw the SwatKats to the future and sealed them on the
future is quite a possible theory. Then again, the Pastmaster is a stupid
guy, he could just send the bridge cable to throw them to the vortex and
make MegaKat city goes back to the Dark Ages again.

>This little theory lends itself to too many abuses which makes time travel
>a nigh impossible affair without ripping apart the whole time-space

Translation: Destroying the entire universe (But if we're lucky, the
effects only happen on the kat dimension only.). Or at least make a heck of
a hard time on knowing which one is the past, the present, or the future.

>3) You assume that the temporal absence of the SWATKats is the reason for
>the success of the Metallikats which doesn't seem to be the case from the
>articles I've read on the ep.

Yes, that episode supposed to let us assume that the SwatKats crashed into
the building, but with the data that they (The creator of that episode.)
gives us: one Turbokat crashed with no T-Bone and Razor visible in it (Just
like Matt said.). I think that the possiblities of DJ theory is quite
possible, but this is not the theory that I use on my story.

One question that probaly can answer the question, could it be there is
another Turbokat that is created by someone else?

>Simon Leet <> :)

BTW DJ, I heard that SeaQuest once time travel to 200 years into the
future, does they use the same theory as this one?

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