Re: What will happen if Chance say yes at that time?

From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 22:39:10 -0800

At 07:30 PM 1/5/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>What if Chance obey Commander Feral order to go back to the HQ? will the
>>SwatKats will be created? what will happen to MegaKat city? will everything
>>will remain the same? will Feral change his mind on the guys? etc.
>>Hey! this could be a good plot for a fanfic story, does anybody here want
>>to make one?
>Edo, you are suggesting the immpossible: Chance actually *listening* to what
>Feral says?! ;)
>Terra Chang,
>Swat Kats fan,
>nice person, (really, I am!)
>totally crazy.

I agree. I's impassable, really. Chance is too headstrong to listen,
especially if Feral was acting like Ted at the time. Hey I woyld have said
no too!

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