Re: FAQ, need to be update?

From: chance <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 13:59:30 -0800

>It seem that we always have a debate on the spelling of character name and
>other thing, is the new FAQ will explain these? we need to update the old
>FAQ so that some of our question can be answer.
>On this ground I proposed that we updated the FAQ, does anybody with me on
>this updating thing?

I was waiting for Dana to jump in here, but I guess he's out saving Furtoonia in the
Turbokat. I'll update the FAQ and post it to the group once to elicit comments about
changes, stuff I forgot, stuff I didn't know...etc. I'm also going to do a history of the
program from the time the Tremblays came up with the idea, through its two seasons,
the cancellation, and the stuff that's happened since. I've got some wonderful public and
not-so-public quotes from Turner execs that contradict themselves concerning the program
and its cancellation, so it's going to make interesting reading when I juxtapose them with
events on the timeline. This will probably be a seperate document to the actual FAQ, as I'm
sure there's a few people who don't care much about the "behind the scenes" stuff.

Turner'll get a kick out of it in any event. Especially the three somewhat contradictory
"official" reasons for the cancellation, and the myriad "unofficial" ones passed on
anonymously in e-mail. If I were Turner, I'd ignore our mail too; who likes being proven
completely clueless by people paid less than you are?

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