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Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 13:59:25 -0800

>Are these going to be (or are they already) on Ratman's site? For some
>reason, I always liked the first season opening much better than the second.

You aren't alone. I kind of liked the "Queen" inspired tracks of the first season above
most of the second as being more rhythmic and less jarring. Those responsible for
creating the music at Hanna-Barbera also mostly agree that the first season tracks were
"more fun" than the second, but it looks as though the re-tooling between season one
and two (musically, at any rate) was meant to give some teeth to the phrase "Heavy-Metal
Kat-fight!". I think the third-season would've reflected a kind of amalgamation of the lessons
learned in both seasons, after all the commentary had been digested from the fans. Critics
seemed to universally love the show in either season.

I can't play .wav files yet (le sigh...Hardware-challenged), so I haven't checked the site.

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