Re: FAQ, need to be update?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 09:02:29 +0700

Terra wrote:
>Edo wrote:
>>It seem that we always have a debate on the spelling of character name and
>>other thing, is the new FAQ will explain these?
>I have no idea, ask Chance or maybe Razor, *they're* the ones who should

Which one? the one that in the SwatKats universe? or the one that with us
right now? ;)

>>On this ground I proposed that we updated the FAQ, does anybody with me on
>>this updating thing?

And probaly most of the list subscribers. ;)

>Maybe we should do this bi-monthly, so we don't hafta change to much
>each time. Whatdaya think 'bout that?

A good idea, a bi-monthly update is much better than a six month update,
and now is six month after the last update, we need a new FAQ, DESPERATELY!

BTW, I have send a mail to the FAQ maintainer - Dana Uehara, and haven't
receieved a reply, it seem that either he is still in his holliday, or he
is busy (Probaly working on the new FAQ.).

Dana! where are you?

>Terra Chang,
>Swat Kats fan,

Peejster wrote:
>I think an update is in order.

In order??? what is this? Burger King? He.he.he, just kidding! :) I also
hope that an update is in order too.

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