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>>> SWAT KATS: The Radical Squadron: The Radical Fan Club
>>I like this.
>Heh. It took me a while to come up with this (believe it or not). I wanted
>to add something to my sig to promote the kats & I think this states it
>best. Hopefully those who don't even know what SK is, will ask & those who
>do know, will ask about the fan club part. Yes, I know that we don't have
>an *official* fan club at the moment...
>>Again, when Turner dumped the responsiblity
>>for dealing with fan-mail/fan relations
>>in the lap of H-B's "Classic Cartoons" division,
>[silly excuses from Turner removed]
>>Even if they just offered the same Kats stuff that
>>the H-B "Employee Store" once had, I think they'd
>>find public opinion concerning Turner and their
>>handling of Katfans would take a gestalt
>>leap upward.
>Ya know, I think if TCN & TPS kept track of what goes on in groups like this
>and in newsgroups like rec.arts.animation they'd have a much better idea of
>how their shows are doing. I know that WB looks in on the newsgroups once
>in a while to see an almost instant response to what the fans thought.
>(Pinky & the Brain caused quite a bit of net traffic when on A!, now look
>where they are!). TPS can't rely solely on Nielsen ratings to gauge the
>popularity of SK. A lot of people don't have TCN and most people aren't up
>at 4:35AM on a Sunday morning (when SK was on TBS).
>>Of course, finishing the three incomplete episodes
>>for broadcast would help a bit would
>>replacing one of the duplicate halfs of "Scooby" on
>>TBS with a Kats slot. If they really want to
>>know why they're losing on all fronts, they should
>>just put "The Deadly Pyramid" and "Yukky Duck"
>>side-by-side and elicit comments. Some of them might
>>even be repeatable in polite company.
>It'd be real interesting to see what would happen if TCN slipped one of the
>SK "shorts" into the WPT slot. "SWAT Kats Unplugged" would be short enough
>to fit into the time slot & I think is much better than any of the WPTs I
>could sit through.
> play: work:
> Purrcy on IRC #swatkats channel & soon to be on Furtoonia
> SWAT KATS: The Radical Squadron: The Radical Fan Club
>Please e-mail me info on the SK fan club if it is to be started soon.:-)

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