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From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 96 11:16:54 CST

Andy said-
>Of course, finishing the three incomplete episodes for broadcast would help a bit would
>replacing one of the duplicate halfs of "Scooby" on TBS with a Kats slot. If they really want to
>know why they're losing on all fronts, they should just put "The Deadly Pyramid" and "Yukky Duck"
>side-by-side and elicit comments. Some of them might even be repeatable in polite company.

Speaking of "Yukky" and Co., this past Sun. (NewYearsEve), they had the WPT call-in
countdown on CN. Out of 18, Yukky and George&Jr. (both X-mas and regular) didn't finish
in the top 12 (when I turned it on). The only Yukky-eque one that did finish in the top
spots was "Chicken and Cow" (a very direct Ren and Stimpy rip-off) finished at #2.

The top five are as follows:

5. Mina and the Count (? right title)
4. PowderPuff Girls (should have been higher)
3. Dexter's Lab (and this is going to be a series this year)
2. Chicken and Cow
1. Johnny Bravo

Sory a little off subject, but it does kinda bring around the way Ted is blowing money
on Yukky and George&Jr. and no one LIKES them, yet he keeps threatening to series G&Jr.
hopefully this was a wake up call.

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