Re: Wacky list of toys.

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 96 16:30:43 EST

>>>Yes, it will look *much* better. And if there's an
>>>LD release, you can bet for sure there'd be a VHS one too!
>>Sure, for every LD release there's always a VHS release
>>(And vice versa), just as long Turner get the idea.
>Umm.. There's not _always_ an LD for every VHS release (unfortunately).
>>Can't buy what you can't find. A Laser Disc release of
>>that second-season art would be absolutely beautiful, as
>>even with the Turner release of the first season eps on
>>VHS you can notice how much better the eps look as
>>opposed to the tube.
>Ya know, if Mr. Turner released the complete series on LD, I would snatch it
>up in a second! (Heh. If he released the complete series on VHS I'd do the
>same thing!) Well, I can always *dream* can't I?! Afterall, TPS did
>release some of the WB collection that they have on LD..

Don't count on Mr. Turner's help here. Despite the fact that the
other studios are releasing animated feature films on LB in their
correct aspect ratios, Turner Home Video released The Swan Princess
in P&S. Clueless is as clueless does :(


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