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Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995 19:54:38 -0800

>The bottom line is that Swat Kats maybe need a new character if Callie
>going ever to get an assistan, Who knows ! maybe if the Kats series ever
>going to be revived again, we will see an assistan for Callie. (I personaly
>have a character for the assistan, but you may think that it's silly)

Hanna-Barbera sunk something like 10 million of Ted's bucks into "SwatKats",
which is why cancellation after a handful of eps seems ludicrous. TCN is going
to need some more ac/adv to air shortly, and you can only run the back-catalogue
just so many times before it gets stale. TCN is also programming in many other
nations aside from the CONUS (although Canada ain't among 'em), and many of
these folks haven't seen any American ac/adv aside from TMNT whatsoever.
I think the only thing stopping Turnerco from refuelling the Turbokat at the
moment is cash. Ted realizes that he can get far more minutes of animation for
his dollar by sinking it all in to the most Ruby-Spears-ish of the World Premiere
Toons/What a Cartoon! outings, and could more than likely get ten/fifteen of
these 7-minuters as opposed to one 22 minute ep of the Kats. Kinda false
economy if you ask me. I don't think it's a coincidence that the people
responsible for fan-relations at TCN and Hanna-Barbera Classic Characters both
are Kat-fans, and both think the cancel order seems a bit silly. Maybe now that
WB is entering the picture, something will move in a positive direction. H-B sure
needs one of those.

Oh yeah, what exactly is your idea for an assistant for Deputy Mayor Briggs?
There's no such thing as "silly" on this mailing list - we've all taken turns!

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