Re: Question about the Deputy Mayor

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 1995 16:18:49 +0700

>>Of all that work on her back, she should deserve at least an assistant of
>>her own.
>I nominate -- Razor! (Though I think they'd have widely varying
>definitions concerning "authorized duties").

Yes, having Razor as Deputy Mayor assistant may be nice, but unfortunetaly
he's already taken by T-Bone and Chance, and after all, who's gonna repair
the TurboKat ?

I may also nominate Lt.Steel, but it seems that he's ain't very good at
handling a problem, and after all Feral already got him.(He's needed Steel
so that he can used him as a target practice for the Enforcer :-) )

The bottom line is that Swat Kats maybe need a new character if Callie
going ever to get an assistan, Who knows ! maybe if the Kats series ever
going to be revived again, we will see an assistan for Callie. (I personaly
have a character for the assistan, but you may think that it's silly)

PS: I even bet that if there's an opened oppurtunity for being Callie
assistan, I know that all the SwatKats fan will be lining up at Mega Kat
city hall for the job.

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