Re: SWATKATS:Free draw for artwork!

From: chance <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 07:07:24 -0800

>SWAT Kats Contest
>Is this just for the artists or are the brothers going to do stuff for the so
>called non-artists like myself and others as well?

Guys, it's for everyone who knows how to lick a stamp. You know all those
comments we've all been making over the course of a year? I sent them to
Christian, lock, stock & barrel - and he's read them all (translating for Yvon,
one would assume). This Draw thing is the big "thank you" for the support he's
gotten from members of the Katslist, and appreciation for us recognizing a
quality program where Turner could not.

 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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