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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 02:58:53 GMT

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>SWATKATS Internet fans should probably know that in the course of the
>last year, I've been downloading posts concerning "SWAT Kats: The Radical
>Squadron" and forwarding them to the guys who originated the characters,
>Christian and Yvon Tremblay. So far, from the newsgroups, e-mail (with
>permission, natch) and the Kats mailing list, I've collected over 300
>pages of the stuff, all of which has been read by the Brothers Tremblay.

>Anyway, by way of a big "Thank You!" to all the fans of the show who took
>the time to voice their support (and, in spite of Turner Entertainment)
>Christian's decided to hold a random draw for a piece of original "SwatKats"
>artwork, signed by the Bros, and mounted. All you have to do is send
>in a postcard to the address given below (one per person, multiple
>entries bearing the same name will be immediately disqualified) with
>your name, return address, and phone number - plus whatever comments
>you may feel like adding. Entries will be recieved starting November
>1st, 1995, and the contest cutoff will be December 1st, 1995 - with
>the draw to be held shortly afterward.

>Good Luck 'Katfans!

>Legal Junk: This draw is being held independently of Turner
>Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc., or any wholly or partly owned
>subsidiary of the Turner Empire. Draw will take place the first week
>of December from all eligible entries recieved before the cutoff date.
>Artwork to be awarded is not owned by Turner Entertainment, nor any of
>its subsidiaries. (I think I'm saying Turner can get stuffed.)

>Mail your postcards to:

>15460 Sherman Way #1-310
>Van Nuys, CA
>USA 91406

>(Contest open to all SwatKats fans worldwide, except where prohibited by law)
> Questions should be directed to:

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