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>>As far as the person who mentioned the rumored new SK episodes, I
>>unfortunately don't remember who it was that told me. I do remember
>>that they mentioned something about another episode involving the SK's
>>evil doubles and/or something about the Pastmaster (no log, so no
>>details, unfortunately -- 'scuse me a minute while I go whack myself
>>over the head)...

Wakko wrote (Hithere..fellow a.t.a. 'er!)

>I've seen this episode. It's a very interesting episode. Where the SwatKats
>actually team up with Faral. Miss Briggs was working with DarkKat to be the
>new mayor.

This is one of the eps that cries out for a sequel - the other being "The Ghost Pilot".
A couple of folks I know are working on fanfic efforts along the lines of a sequel, but
none have gone beyond the first page yet evidently. That's the problem when you have
a life, I guess.

This ep had similar themes to "opposite universe" stuff that some of us have seen
with the original Trek eps and "NegaDuck" or whatever...but for whatever reason,
not all the good 'n' evil alignments were changed. Feral, aside from being a bit
more tight-assed, wasn't really "evil" to speak of - and Felina seems pretty much the
same Kat she is on regular days at the office.

The idea I had for a sequel was to have the Kat guys wake up as usual, but find
themselves in Nega-Kat City as opposed to their usual reality. The plot would
move on from there with the Kat-guys trying to discover how this happened, and
who's responsible - perhaps even allying themselves with one of the villains who
finds him/herself in a similar state of confusion. I think it'd work.

The ep's called "Dark Side of the SwatKats" for those who haven't seen it, and
the art (especially the BG work and the drawings of the guys) is great. Some of
us already know from earlier, but check out how "Evil" Razor and T-Bone haven't
shaved (another round of "furgonomics" anyone?) but our heroes have. Also check
out when Razor operates the TurboKat's weaps panel in either Turbokat: Evil Razor
has his claws out as a matter of course, but our Razor keeps them retracted until
they're necessary. It's a great comment on the motivations between our Kats and
their opposing numbers.

 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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