Fan story: Odd Circumstances.

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Hello, I bet half of you out there know me, Terra. This is my first attempt
at writing a story that is not for school, so send me what you think, OK?
This is only the first part, so it may seem sorta "cut off."

"Odd Circumstnces"
Megakat City, 20083
The odd looking contraption in the Werekats yard didn't merit any attention
from the passing drivers. Their last name was often ridiculed, but the
Werekats were most likely the most respected family in Megakat City. The
three youngest of the kittens, Amber, Jinx, and Flute stood there, readying
themselves to test their device. Jinx pushed the button. There was a
blinding flash.

Megakat City, present
Callie stood in line for the market. Why were these lines so long? A
blinding flash filled the area. When the light faded, everyone could see
three kittens standing at where the center of the light had been. The
smallest one, a girl with one green and one blue eye, longish dark brown-red
hair, and silvery fur spoke first. "WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!!!! That was cool!!
Where are we???!" She took off, running, barely missed by the two older
kittens. She ran right under a woman's arm. "S'cuse me, lady!" Then she
crashed into the wall of a vuilding, she obviously hadn't known it was
there. She lay on her back for a few mintes, blinking dazedly at the sky.
She stiffened. "Whoa! I can actually see bad weather!! Jinx! Amber!! Lookit
the sky!!!!" For a while, all three gazed at the sky like it was unfamillier
to them. Enforcer cars started pulling up. Felina walked over to the kittens
who were still amazed by the sky. "Who are you three?" she asked. Flute
looked at her, blinking mis-matched eyes. She pointed to herself, then the
boy, then the girl. "My name's Fianna Werekat, but I'm called Flute. That's
my brother Jinx, and that's my sister Amber. Who are you?" Without waiting
for a answer, she did a backwords flip and vanished into thin air!!

Again, please tell me what you think. Should I drop it or continue?

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