From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 11:16:29 EDT

>Ok, Matt! How about Every Friday Night at 9PM EST?

You don't have much to do, do you? :) :) Seriously kidding - I'm
often at work at that hour every other Friday. Doing the work of two
people can be a bummer :)

>What I would want on my SK shirt:
>Maybe t-bone from (t-bone3.gif?) with his thumb up looking like he's
>hitchhiking... (You know what I mean....) or maybe the 1st season logo
>with the Turbo Kat in VTOL mode (near the end of the 1st season theme
>when they fly in front of the logo.)

Whatever y'all come up with I'll be in on.

>P.S. for those of you who missed it, the telnet for chat is
>and logon as visitor and password as visitor. I hope they don't drop this
>visitor thing to soon! Maybe I'll get an account and we can all use it
>Example: we all log on my account, and It will say that we are all Tails,
>but you can change you name to whatever you want. I figured I should make
>an account because this telnet place is in Traverse City, MI and that's
>where I live.

Do you have access to "normal" IRC on Undernet? The commands from
your system don't seem to be the same as IRC.

Ed Rudnicki
Oculis numquam claudentibus

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