Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 19:17:18 -0400 (EDT)

Ok, Matt! How about Every Friday Night at 9PM EST?

What I would want on my SK shirt:

Maybe t-bone from (t-bone3.gif?) with his thumb up looking like he's
hitchhiking... (You know what I mean....) or maybe the 1st season logo
with the Turbo Kat in VTOL mode (near the end of the 1st season theme
when they fly in front of the logo.)

P.S. for those of you who missed it, the telnet for chat is
and logon as visitor and password as visitor. I hope they don't drop this
visitor thing to soon! Maybe I'll get an account and we can all use it
Example: we all log on my account, and It will say that we are all Tails,
but you can change you name to whatever you want. I figured I should make
an account because this telnet place is in Traverse City, MI and that's
where I live.

P.P.S. can I order SK stuff direct from H-B? Please let me know. I MUST
HAVE SK!!! (There goes that withdrawl simptom again. :) )

A.J. Freda Mac: "I didn't know that was your sister's car back there!"
"Tails" on IRC Molly: "You always hated my side of the family!"

On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Matthew Weber wrote:

> > Hey everyone! I know of a place where we can all chat on an IRC!!
> >All ya
> hafta do is telnet to and login as visitor and
> >password as
> visitor. Then type /nick (Your Name you want to be called here)
> >and press
> ENTER. Then type /channel #swatkats and press ENTER! If you
> >need any help,
> just type /help and ENTER.
> > Let's plan to meet tomorrow at 3PM EST and
> another tommorow at
> >7PM EST. Hope you see you there!
> Uh, it's a good
> idea, but some of us have to work...
> If we plan something like this (which
> would be pretty cool), I need advance notice to make plans for a time _after_
> 6:30pm EST. And since those of us on the west coast would be working until
> around 5pm PST (8pm EST), it should be around 9pm EST.
> Maybe we can plan
> for something around the U.S. Thanksgiving-day weekend or on a Friday night.
> -Matt

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