From: Matthew Weber <>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 95 17:06:27 UT

> Hey everyone! I know of a place where we can all chat on an IRC!!
>All ya
hafta do is telnet to and login as visitor and
>password as
visitor. Then type /nick (Your Name you want to be called here)
>and press
ENTER. Then type /channel #swatkats and press ENTER! If you
>need any help,
just type /help and ENTER.

> Let's plan to meet tomorrow at 3PM EST and
another tommorow at
>7PM EST. Hope you see you there!

Uh, it's a good
idea, but some of us have to work...
If we plan something like this (which
would be pretty cool), I need advance notice to make plans for a time _after_
6:30pm EST. And since those of us on the west coast would be working until
around 5pm PST (8pm EST), it should be around 9pm EST.

Maybe we can plan
for something around the U.S. Thanksgiving-day weekend or on a Friday night.


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