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> Hmmmm. Maybe we should tell turner that SWAT Kats increases your
>knowledge of planes, and vocabulary. What's sedation mean in Destructive
>Nature when callie says: I have to go give the mayor sedation." Near the
>end after his pet skyscraper callapsed.

"Sedation" refers to a drug administered to either calm an individual down when
he/she is in danger of doing harm to him/herself and others - sometimes rendering
them unconscious.

Manx wasn't a happy camper because poor old MegaKat Towers drained the
City Treasury, and everyone knows that Siamese investors don't appreciate
buildings full of bug-slime, plant deteritus, and no roof for the helicopter to land
for Golf-Course outings.

Actually, Ed was right upon looking back at the TK's makeup - it appears to be
half-F14 and half AV-8A. The directional thrusters are cribbed directly from
"Harrier" (though it's a bit of a stretch having only the one for the entire rear of
the aircraft), but the swingwing is _all_ F-14 and its brethren.

Razor's preoccupation with "dings" in the paintwork of the TK during Mutilor
reminds me much of certain friends who feel exactly the same way about their
Military gear - personally, if it still flies and all the pieces land roughly simultaneously,
I'm a happy Kat!

Oh yeah..way out there, but in "Mutation City", did anyone notice how Razor
and T-Bone go to MegaKat Biochemical Labs to get the anti-mutagen required
for Doc Konway, and rather than have the substance in a single tank, it's actually
in two separate ones? I think this is because the chemical is what they call a
"binary" - a term left over from NBCW weaponry from the fifties. They used to
(and likely still do in some countries) put two separate containers of different
substances into the nosecone of a missile or artillery shell, harmless by themselves,
but when combined upon weapon delivery would mix and create all manner of
nasty nerve agents or other toxicological nasties. I think the Kat writers had this
in mind for the scene, as in "Giant Bacteria", Megakat Biochemical is rather
obviously a Military facility (not too many civvy labs I know are defended by
laser cannons....).

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