FTP site

From: FIELD <hallo1466_at_osiris.elte.hu>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 15:44:50 EDT

There's something seriously wrong with the ftp site. It's not just
not being able to get on, but getting disconnected while downloading
a file. I get a timeout message when I change directories, when I
change to bin, when I start to download a file, when I finished
downloading a file, and even when I give the mget command. I notice
most of the timeout things are happening when other people get on
or off the site. How come? I'm really disappointed with the
unavailability of this service. Perhaps we should collect the image
- I'm sure everyone has got some images, and most probably different
ones - and just build a mirror. What do you say?

Field who shall make her own SK tee and is a genius anyway

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