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How fast can the Turbokat can fly?

At mach1 you are flying as fast as speed of sound. At mach2 you're going
twice the speed of sound. If I remember correctly speed of sound is
somewheres around 720mph in the air. On the gound is 840mph. (If my memory
serves me correctly.) At mach2 your flying 1,440mph and so on. As for the
reason about needing to go as fast as the seed of sound is that you have a lot
more resistance then you do in the air. BTW, "In Strikes Mutilor," Razor has
supposedly increased the Turbokat's perfomance one or two more machs. Also,
according to Razor in that ep the Turbokat can go faster than that but they
never really tested the engines to their full extent. At mach six they are
going as fast as the SR-71 Blackbird and this plane has unlimmited climbing
capabilities. The only draw back is that going that fast in a thin altitude
can wrech havoc on ones senses. In getting back to "In Strike Mutilor" Razor
installed a heatshield cannapy for the kat. As for the remainder of the kat
Razor's genius proably came up with a special heat mixture that he developed
that can be applied as a coat over the kat's paint job. Besides, if the
Enforcers still had that high-tech plane that was slightly bit better than the
turbo kat, the inprovements that Razor did will no blow away the so called
high-tech jet the Enforcers had before Mayor Manx blew it out of the sky.
The ep this jet was in is called "The Ghost Pilot."

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