Re: Is anyone receiving me?

From: FIELD <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 10:33:01 EDT

Hi again,

Chance, thanks for all the info. No, I haven't got the Kats figures and
poster. By the way, what do you mean by figures? All I have of the Kats
is the episodes I'm taping and the stuff I downloaded from the web
site and at the moment one image from the ftp site.
The Web site listed Mark Hamill as the voice of Burke. Is this THE
Mark Hamill? And who is Burke?

As for the Tee, the reason why I asked it is because I actually have
seen one. There was a photo of a Hungarian band shooting a video in
one my magazines, and a guy from the crew was wearing a SK t-shirt.
It was black with the logo on it in white. Hmmm?

I'm not sure I came across well last time, all I meant was that people
may stare at me for liking a cartoon at this age, but I don't feel
ashamed at all. The Kats are absolutely, well not cool 'cos that's a
commonplace, lets just say marvellous...amazing...blah
know what I'm talking about.

Any idea how many people are there on the list? I'm just curious.

Well, that's all I think.


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