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>Anyone know if the evil Razor & T-Bone are done by the same guys who do the
>good ones? If not, then who does??

Hmm...I'm not quite sure what you're actually asking, but here goes based on my
best guess.

"Dark Side of the Swat Kats" is the ep that has the 'Kat-guys evil alternate-dimension
twins. It was one of the scripts written by a "freelance" writer (that is, a writer that
isn't on staff at Hanna-Barbera, but sends his scripts in hoping that the regulars will
think it's good enough to be made into an episode) named Jim Katz (no, I am _not_
kidding...). This guy has only written this one ep for Kats, and is one of four guys
who wrote single episodes on a freelance basis, the others being Von Williams for
"The Ghost Pilot", Mark Saraceni for "Razor's Edge", and David Ehrman for
"Night of the Dark Kat".

The cool thing about this ep (other than the more-than-reasonable artwork for
the guys..) is the way the writer defined the differences between evil and good
TB&R. It's most noticable in two scenes inside the alternate-Pumadyne: when
our Kats get past the Guard in the first scene, they sneak past the kipping dude
rather than do anything more confrontational and unnecessarily violent -- their
evil counterparts make a point of waking up the guard just so Evil Razor can
plow him into unconsciousness (when they could've just as easily snuck past).
The second scene is when the Nice Kitties negotiate the network of laser-beams
in the hallway, and after a series of acrobatics, have some kind of good-natured
rivalry-ridden exchange of words. Nasty Kats go through the same obstacle
course, but when _they_ reach the end of it, they snipe at each other and
almost end up at blows. Both sets of Kats are a team, but the difference in
"style" illustrates the difference between "Good" and "Evil" without having to
resort to the same type of Moustache-twirling "baddie" dialogue I've seen

Someone pointed out that not everything in "NegaKat City" was opposite
of normal. Feral and Felina were certainly more ornery, but still maintained
their "polarity" as respects good/bad. Not so with Evil Callie, who was
quite obviously not a great prospect for a date, and more Machiavellian
than most politicians in Real Life.

Oh yeah, forgot. Anyone notice the relatively subtle differences between
the two sets of Kats? Evil Razor and T-Bone hadn't shaved, whereas our
Kats are almost always clean-shaven (...what the HELL am I saying..they
have fur..). Actually, Good Razor forgot to shave in "Night of the Dark Kat".
When our Kats have close-ups of Paws on the various control surfaces of
the Turbokat, their claws are retracted. Evil Razor operates the weaps
panel with claws fully extended.

The only problem I had with this ep was that someone decided that the
audience was incapable of discerning the difference between the good Kats
and Bad - hence the "skull" logos on Evil TB&R's gear. That would've been
okay too, but I find it somewhat hard to believe that either Razor or T-Bone
would kind of "overlook" that aspect of things when they were getting
confused as to who-was-who in Pumadyne.]

Oh well, it was still sad when even _evil_ Razor and T-Bone bit it at
the end.

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