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>Just for the sake of it, I'm so lucky that I CAN watch the Kats at
>the moment. Well, how come? The truth is I'm in Budapest, Hungary,
>which is in Europe and never was in Africa, you fools, and we have
>cable at home. Getting up with the Kats every Tuesday, Thursday,
>Saturday and Sunday is just great :-) I hope everyone envies me

Oh yeah, we do. I think we only get them once a week - and many
areas don't even get them at all (like Canada...damn!)

>I've just started taping the episodes, for I don't want to end up
>without T-Bone and Razor when Cartoon Network drop the programme.
>By the way, does anyone know if they have the 1994 episodes? So
>far I've only seen 1993 ones.

Toon network (I think) ran some of the second season ones, at least
during the Marathon in July. You can e-mail them at ""
to ask if the seconds season eps will make it to Hungary, either the African
one or your own version (heh.) They take awhile to respond, but if you make
sure you tell them you aren't one of the North American Kats-whiners, they'll
probably jump at the chance to talk to someone off the continent.

>Well, that's it, I just wanted to introduce myself, which I didn't
>but never mind. i'm just a stupid 21-year-old girl from a Hungarian
>university who doesn't feel old enough to like the Kats.

Heck, I know 9yr olds that like the show, and not-too-few of the forty-fifty
bracket as well...I wonder how old the Turner folks need to get before they're
"old enough to like the Kats".

>PS: Is there a place one can get a SK Tee from?

Negative Kemo Sabe...the only Kats tee produced was for the Hanna-Barbera
employees. It was extremely cool, with a Kat on the front of the thing in
fighter-pilot gear, and on the back it said "Animation Ground Crew". Despite the
fact the Hanna-Barbera employee store completely sold out of the things,
they figured that "people weren't buying enough". Duuuuhhhhh....

You got the Kat figures and vids over there? There was a poster at one
point as well.

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