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Nicole wrote:

>>Or is it still relevent? Will I just be thrown away like an old shoe and
>>ignored like yesterdays tuna?

and Ed Rudnicki wrote:

>I think Andy posted the appropriate address already. I'm just
>writing to encourage you to write. Please do! Letters are not
>discarded, nor are they in vain. Every letter a TV station,
>production house, etc., gets represents the views of a large number
>of other people who felt the same way, but didn't care enough to
>write or couldn't find an address. I've read that each letter is
>counted as representing up to a hundred people with similar feelings
>(but I can't vouch for that).

>So letters do count! Write them! I'll be sending yet another to H-B

Ed must write rather well, because he's had three of his letters make it to
the pages of "Animation Magazine" where I've yet to get one!

Apologies if I left the impression it wouldn't do any good -- of course it does.

Letters to H-B used to get 11 copies of 'em made; distribution of which included
Christian/Yvon Tremblay, Fred Seibert, Victoria McCollum, Davis Doi, and
a whack of others up and down the TPS corporate ladder. They changed fan-
mail handling at H-B in March (the volume was getting out of hand), and now
"Classic Cartoons" is responsible for it - compiling the age, sex, comments
of the various correspondents and entering them into the H-B database. I would
think that thousands of Kats letters would send up a flare even to those in Atlanta
who rarely glance at the sky. Anyway, three of us who wrote in during the early
part of the year received a telephone call from Davis Doi, the SwatKats producer,
in response to their letter. Um, for those of you who haven't already figured it out..
this kind of thing just _doesn't_ happen...ever. Earlier I encouraged people to
send duplicate letters to other names than Fred in the building...I've done it a few times
already, and I'm going to keep doing it (every two-three weeks usually, just to keep
up my rep as a pest...). Just stick duplicate copies of your Kats comments in
separate envelopes..same address, but "attention:" to these folks:

Davis Doi, SwatKats producer (who all the departed artists/writers adore...)
Buzz Potemkin, Executive Producer
Glenn Leopold, Story Editor

The ABC series "My So Called Life" was almost brought back by fan mail,
but other factors killed it off at the time of its imminent resurrection. "Beauty
and the Beast" had a stay of execution for the same reason. You could also
make yourself heard to the Ted himself:

Turner Program Services
1 CNN Center
Box 105366
Atlanta, GA

...and, if you want, you can tell TBS what you think of the aviation-challenged
Fat Cat displacing our Kats by writing to them at:

TBS Superstation
1050 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA

Just write what you think....they sure know what *I* think.
  "I'm on the Internet...sometimes every day. I use it to plug in and feel the
   pulse of my audience. I think most producers used to wait for the fan mail
   to roll in. You don't need to do that anymore. There's instant communication
   with your audience. -- The "X-Files" Chris Carter
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