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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 95 9:44:31 EDT

>With all this transfering of power going on, and I wanting to do my part,
>who is it safe to write too? With, uh...slight reproaches and such. I
>want to add my contribution to this most worthy cause. but I don't want
>to accidentally send it to the wrong people. Yeah, I would LOVE that, a
>...comment on cancelled show that I have nothing to do with.
>Or is it still relevent? Will I just be thrown away like an old shoe and
>ignored like yesterdays tuna?

I think Andy posted the appropriate address already. I'm just
writing to encourage you to write. Please do! Letters are not
discarded, nor are they in vain. Every letter a TV station,
production house, etc., gets represents the views of a large number
of other people who felt the same way, but didn't care enough to
write or couldn't find an address. I've read that each letter is
counted as representing up to a hundred people with similar feelings
(but I can't vouch for that).

As an example, I frequently wrote to a video distributor asking for
more eps of a favorite series. And I repeatedly suggested that two
particular eps be released together on one tape (two eps per tape
being the norm), as IMHO they were the best in the series. When new
videos came out, those two eps were among them, and were on one
tape. I don't know that one gadfly like me convinced them, but those
letters must have had some effect, and I know I'm not alone.

So letters do count! Write them! I'll be sending yet another to H-B

Ed Rudnicki
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