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>I have been hearing a lot about how this Turner merger could hurt are chances of renewing Swat Kats.

"Hurt"? No, I rather think the opposite. This year, WBA scrambled to flesh out
ANIMX by rescuing some old scripts that had gone to storyboards already but
left on the shelf. They have a bit of an ac/adv hole at the moment (BTAS is still
on Fox, after all) and Superman won't air until at least 96 or 97. Kats could
provide them with a popular ac/adv show, _and_ they'd almost inherit new episodes
without having to spend the money to create scripts, boards and the voice track --
all they'd have to do would be to send the stuff overseas to get finished. They'd
then have 27 eps of a popular action-adventure show to fill up a weekly slot (*when*
one of the current offerings croaks) for next to no outlay.

Kats could give a boost to Warners - as at the moment they don't have anything
to offer to counteract DTV's "Gargoyles" on their own networks. Kats and Gargs
are both arguably furry ac-adv, and despite the fact I like them both, I suspect
myself and many others would like Kats better. If you put yourself in Warners
shoes, Gargs has 65 eps for DA and syndicated airings, whereas Warners has
precisely what? BTAS is under contract to Fox. "SwatKats" wasn't seen in
much of the country (not in Canada whatsoever), so from the perspective of
a lot of the potential WBN audience, the show would almost be "new".

It's a stretch, and a leap of faith on the part of Warners, but stranger things
have happened (it's fairly obvious Ted doesn't give a damn about it...).
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