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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 09:32:20 -0700

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>Why don't we send infomation about the mailing list to Hanna-Barbera??
>Or did someone do that already.

I've done that already a number of times, and referenced the volume of Kats
stuff I've downloaded
over the last six or so months, but no one has shown any interest. When I
talked to the person
over there in charge of fan-mail and the like, he seemed very enthusiastic
about setting up things
like a Web Page, and talking to those of us trying to set up some kind of
"fan club" for the Kats.
He invited me and others to call him (which we've done repeatedly), but no
phone calls are being
returned. To test a theory, I had someone else call the guy to see if an
unrecognizable name
would make the difference between some response and none, but it didnt; said
individual's call
was also ignored.

>From what I understand, the folks responsible for fan-stuff (at this point
in time "Classic Cartoons"
div of Hanna-Barbera) have been told to concentrate on "The Flintstones",
"Cave Kids", "Captain
Planet" and "Jonny Quest"; most of the mail received evidently concerns the
first and last of these
groups. Earlier, we were promised that Kats fan-mail would be answered
(along the lines of
the letter-and-sticker a lot of us received in 1993/4), but those of us I've
talked to that have sent
missives to H-B have not received a thing (except in the case of a couple of
fans who got phone
calls from the Kats producer, Davis Doi -- the guy in the "Editing.JPG" on

While we're here; the Time-Warner "buyout" of Turner Entertainment has
officially happened - but
it appears to take on the form of a merger/stock-swap as opposed to Ted
packing his collective
bags for early retirement. For the moment, Ted retains control of his
Empire at least nominally --
becoming "first mate" in the new setup. This likely means no immediate
changes as regards the
Kats or Hanna-Barbera, but TWC likes performers, and Hanna-Barbera at the
moment is
most definitely NOT that. I'm keeping an ear to the ground with some
Warner's friends, and if
it looks like the powers-that-be controlling WBA have any say in what occurs
at H-B, I'm going
to concentrate on persuading whoever to finish the last three eps as a smart
financial move.

      "Spies uncover stuff nobody knows about. Artists do the opposite" --
"Betty", 9/20/95
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