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From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 95 1:44:05 PDT

Andy: We should repost the FAQ. It'd be a plan (so long as _someone_
       added the FTP info to it!).

Eef. As FAQ maintainer, I've been rather slack in my duties as far as
updating the information in it. But I promise I'll get to it as soon
as I can, either right after I send out this message or by the end of
the week. I'll post the FAQ as soon as I can.

       Suncoast Motion Picture Co (Suncoast Video in some markets)
       either has them in stock (three titles: Metallikats Attack,
       Strike of Dark Kat, Deadly Dr. Viper) or can order them.

There's a Suncoast Video in the Westside Pavilion, roughly 20-30 minutes
from where I live. If anyone wants a video from there, let me know.
(I'm pretty sure Suncoast must also have an 800 number that you can call
to order this kind of stuff, but I don't have it with me offhand.)

       I think the FTP site ( has toy pics and the package art
       for the vids.

Paul (aka Ratman) has reminded me that the actual FTP site name is
'' and NOT '' (pumadyne is an alias that will
presently be deleted). I'll update the FAQ accordingly. Some
information in the FAQ is also outdated (like the SK run on TBS, which
is apparently already done; and the TCN run, which will probably be
coming to an end very soon), so I'll be removing it.

> Razor and Tbone being homo. This one is pretty gross.
Felix: looks fine to me :)

Depends on whether you're into that kind of stuff. <g>
My reaction when I first saw the pix? "Umm, interesting." Feel free
to interpet that any way you like. ;-)

Paul: Just to clear things up, I have sort of regretted advertising
       [the X-rated SK pics] to the list. So far the list has been good
       clean kat fun, and this is adding a bit of smut to it.

Heh. Well, I've seen similar (tho prolly not as bad) stuff done on the
Disney Afternoon mailing list. Imagine Gadget in a dominatrix outfit,
for example, and, well... I think you get the rest of the story.

But I digress. Back to Kat stuff...

Jon: I'm another one of the helpless few without TCN. So, just in
      idle curiosity, I'll ask, do you get five eps a week? If so,
      you start to recycle after a month, don't you?

If I remember correctly, TCN will be carrying the Kats episodes for
about five weeks total (meaning that its run on that station is, I
believe, almost up). Given that a Garfield marathon on Labor Day
preempted the Kats, that gives exactly 24 episodes... so each episode
should be aired once, including the "SK IQ" episode.

BTW, does anyone know what episode aired last Friday? If it was "The
Dark Side of the SWAT Kats," I'm gonna cough up a furball!
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