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On Tue, 12 Sep 1995, Jonathan Higa wrote:

> Somebody mentioned a web page? Please please please tell me where. (drool)

We should repost the FAQ. It'd be a plan (so long as _someone_ added the
FTP info to it!).

> Videos? Where'd you find those? I dunno if anyone can find stuff in
> Hawaii, but I'd love to hear suggestions.

Suncoast Motion Picture Co (Suncoast Video in some markets) either has
them in stock (three titles: Metallikats Attack, Strike of Dark Kat,
Deadly Dr. Viper) or can order them. K-Mart in Canada also has them
(well, in the flyers at least) and may begin stocking them in CONUS and
Havaii. Action Figures are in Toys R Us and K-Mart - supposedly coming
to Target. SNES game has been spotted in Canadian TRU's, but I haven't
seen any posts regarding availability in the states yet. Posters are
available in: your dreams. They're all gone. I think the FTP site
( has toy pics and the package art for the vids.

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