Re: Swat Kats Cancelled...

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 95 20:28:33 EDT

>Next, the videos have been advertised in Canadian K-Marts nationwide -
>but do you think I can find them? Not a chance. For those of you looking
>in the US K-Marts, be advised that "an independent company stocks the
>shelves for us, so we don't have any control which videos go to which

Speaking of videos, I finally got around to picking up my copies at
the Suncoast where I had ordered them a month ago. This worked out
exceedingly well, as I happened to visit the Suncoast during their
annual LD sale!

When I'll actually see the Kats videos is another story. I also
noticed their absence in TV GUIDE. TBS was no surprise, but they're
also not appearing on WPIX either. Time to harangue the cable
company for TCN again :)

Ed Rudnicki
Oculi numquam nictarantes
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