"Bride of the Pastmaster" questions.

From: Ian Lynn <lynn_at_gentire.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 95 09:47:01 CDT

Well, it seems the second trip through the first season is well on its way
on the cartoon network, and the move to 5:30 is getting sufficient hype.
It claims that you will get ALL the kats you want, yes, they do put
the emphasis on ALL in the commercial. Will we get second season, keep
on wood-knocking.

Back to the subject-
Two questions:

1) How would the Past master know the Swatkats when he doesn't meet them for
   600 years??

2) How does the Pastmaster turn-up in a coffin in Megakat cemetary when
   he gets obliterated with a dragon 600 years in the past??

3) (I would need a laser recording to see frame by frame of this)
   It appears, that after the Pastmaster grabs the Princess with the dragon,
   and Razor rushes to the top of the castle to chase them down and the
   smaller dragon hits him from behind, that he looses his mask. Yet
   in the next shot he still has it. Am I dreaming?? Does anyone have a good
   recording to check this, my CN signal is not the strongest and recordings

Don't you love these ST:TNG time shifting type questions.

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