Turner - reversal of fortune.

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Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 06:56:23 -0700 (PDT)

Well, rumours have taken on a more concrete appearance.

Ted Turner, the "I didn't get what I want so I ain't gonna play anymore"
poster-boy, is said to be in favour of a merger/takeover proposed by
Time-Warner which is said to be worth about 8 billion bucks.

If this happens, it will have the peculiar side-effect of placing
Hanna-Barbera under the auspices of Warner Bros. Animation, along the
lines of DIC now being under control of Disney through Cap-Cities. This
makes for some interesting evil-thinking. There are a number of people
currently working for Warners who have no love for the Turner
organization and Ted's cronies in management, and one of them is Lance
Falk (check the Kats credits gang!) - who could find himself in a
position to correct a number of wrongs foisted on "SwatKats" by some of
the cretins currently at H-B/TPS. It's a stretch, certainly...but some
hope is better than none. I know some people at Warners that I've been
talking to about Kats for quite some time, Warners is looking to program
a new Network, and they've got the money and the expertise to support the
stuff where Turner hadn't. I'll do some asking.

Ted Turner is said to be a bit loathe to become an employee of the newly
formed alliance/company, and may "move on". I can hope.

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