From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 95 09:12:02 CDT

>> I want to know what the pay-off was for the kids in the
>> "You say it, We play it" segments were the kids request their favorite
>> "WPT". "Here kid we'll give you an ice cream if you say you want to see
>> George and Jr.." I can here it now.

>They aren't doing all that well despite what Teddy Bear says. Even in
>Hanna-Barbera, the opinions vary from "They're sh*t", to "some are good.
>The majority aren't". These people are ex-Kats forced to work on this stuff.

In all actuallity, from the commercials, it appears TCN bought out a BIG
pool for the day, plastered their insignia everywhere and let in the kids.
So I'm sure the kids were willing to say just about anything to make
their pool-overlords happy. Plus if you watch the kids some look off to the
left of the camera, so there may be a little coaxing going on there.
I find it funny that none of the kids request "first season" toons,i.e.
PowderPuff Girls, Dexter's Lab (nominated for an emmy, watch for the push),

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