"Blackout" by Lance Falk and Eric Clark

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Hi guys. This is an unused episode of Kats written by the same guys who
gave us "Metal Urgency", and were on the SwatKats design team. It's a
rough "story premise", and I'm getting the actual script in the mail later.

Part one of..well, a few I guess.



     Twilight in Megakat City, with a storm on the way. BOOM! Jake and
Chance's regular battle of wits with Burke and Murray is interrupted by a
violent shockwave from underground. (an effect felt all over the city).
Simultaneously, there is a sudden power outage in the wide local area.

     Our boys hustle their "guests" away, grab flashlights and bolt for
the secret hangar. Jake starts up the emergency generator and Chance
activates the giant hangar viewscreen. Ann Gora (from show one) is
broadcasting live from the epicenter of the disturbance. It is
unbelievable! The local power station has disappeared. In it's place is
an enormous bottomless pit!

     The Swatkats jet into action. At the site, three strange looking
robot drones emerge from the pit and take up a triangular position in the
sky. Between them, they project a mammoth viewscreen against the
clouds. On this screen appears the meglomaniacal fiend BLACKOUT. This
armored, impressive and (intentionally) melodramatic villain demands full
political power over Megakat city or he will continue to abscond the
city's power stations. The city will be plunged into darkness and chaos!

     Razor and T-Bone are having none of this! They engage the agile
drones in a wild air combat. The tiny laser projecting devices prove
challenging but not unbeatable. The peerless combat flying of our
heroes blast Blackout's toys into scrap! T-Bone flies over the
'bottomless' pit for a closer look when the jet is seized in the mighty
grip of Blackout's "gravity beam" (the same force which grabbed the power
station.) The jet begins an uncontrolled spin into the gaping maw of the


(Editor's notes: In series TV, most episodes run 22 minutes before commercial
 breaks are inserted to flesh them out to half an hour. Traditionally, there
 are two major breaks in any animated series ep, and the action is generally
 tailored so that the commercial breaks occur during a cliffhanger or some
 plot point that makes you eager for more. In scriptwriting, the
 commercial breaks occur at the end of each "ACT"; so, as we're at the end
 of "ACT ONE" now, we would expect to see an ad, and another at the end of
 "ACT TWO". "ACT 3" of course ends with the credit roll. If you already
 knew all this stuff, spank me).


     Razor deploys a half dozen "bungee grapples" from every side of the
Turbokat into all sides of the pit, causing the advanced jet to "sproing"
free of the gravity field.

     Callie signals the cats for an emergency meeting. She informs them
that the city cannot afford to lose more than one more power station
before the whole city is plunged into total darkness. (The coming storm
ain't gonna help the situation either!)

     Callie introduces top police scientist ELLIOT KLIBAN. A nebbishy
type given to over-reacting, never the less, Elliot's scientific
brilliance may be of help, according to the deputy Mayor.

     Kliban warns emphatically about the danger of confronting Blackout,
a cat who controls gravity itself, but the Swatkats are undaunted. As if
to punctuate the mood, the storm chooses that moment to begin.

     Meanwhile, Feral and Manx are having a serious disagreement. The
craven Mayor is prepared to give in to Blackout's demands. Feral insists
on a chance to stop the techno-terrorist. Manx reluctantly agrees.

----Gotta stop here guys...it's a work-thing---

 "Using my amazing powers of intellect, I've concluded that life was more fun
  when I was stupid...at least there were more TV shows to watch..."
                     "Monty" from the daily strip "Robotman"
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