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On Wed, 23 Aug 1995, Jonathan Higa wrote:

> At 07:19 AM 8/23/95 -0700, wrote:
> >[...] Then a year later my company I
> >work for, SCC ENTERTIANMENT, talked to a representative at the SDCC,
> >where how can i say, the rep for H-B trashed it completey. [...]
> I don't fully understand this, so please correct me if I'm reading this
> improperly (you don't have to say anything if this interpretation is
> correct): Is the poster saying that "the representative of Hanna-Barbera
> trashed [S.W.A.T. Kats] [completely]"?
> --

Yup. For those of us that missed the earlier stuff on the subject, Turner
was present at SanDiego Comicon (where the "players" in animation and
comicdom generally roll out their new stuff and talk about their old) and
a couple of us Katfans did some asking of them. Kyle Cummings, who
evidently works for the comic company in question, posted to the swatkats
newsgroup that when his comix co. approached H-B to talk about the
likelihood of a comic, the H-B rep just laughed them off and bashed the
show's potential in that medium.

It's a common theme actually. Dark Horse, epoch of cluelessness, told
Christian Tremblay to forget about doing a Kat comic because "can't
characters don't work (or sell, forget which)", yet they've gone full
steam ahead on a comix adaptation of the sorry cartoon "The Mask".

Bigger heads prevail, I suppose.
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