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FYI for the whole list, but in answer to Tim Fay's question, and I think
Doc Konway's. I'm currently making up a copy to go to each of my
suggestions, and if anyone's inclined to do the same, they should hear
fairly loud and clear.

Okay, _now_ I'm hearing yet another version of this "if there's enough
fan-demand, SwatKats will be put back in production" story, so perhaps
they _are_ interested in what they're going to have to do to earn our money.

No guarantees, but those of you who've asked what to write and who to
write it to, here's some suggestions:

I'm not going to tell you _what_ to write - that's up to you. Tell them
what you thought of the show, what you think of the cancellation, what
you'll be watching in the fall and what you won't (and why), and maybe
ask a few questions rather than have it full of condemning statements
(after all, they've heard all that already from myself and a few others).

It's probably more effective if you write them from the point of view of
a goal and give them an escape route - I'd suggest completion of the
extant three episodes to be a good start. Tell them you _are_ interested
in SwatKats merchandise (if indeed you are) and tell them what you'd like
to see produced in future. Tell them whatever you feel - don't tell them
what you think they want to hear, or what I want to hear, or anyone else
for that matter.

Where to write? Okay, Fred Seibert is the President of Hanna-Barbera,
and evidently controls the off-switch to SwatKats (depending on who you
talk to, of course). He's been ditching his mail "elsewhere" if he
suspects it's just fanstuff, but that's not exactly precedent setting.
If you can, make three copies of your letter, and send them (in seperate
envelopes) to:

1) Fred Seibert
   Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc.
   3400 Cahuenga Blvd
   Hollywood, CA 90068

2) Davis Doi, the producer (same address)

3) "SwatKats" (same address)

If you have access to a Fax machine (parents, work, friends, some libraries)
you could also fax a copy of your letter (with a 'cover sheet' showing
who it's going to) to the H-B central fax line in CA: (213) 969-1201

I would also suggest that if you can't mail a letter, compose one in
e-mail and address it to "Toonnet_at_aol.com" and cc it to TNT_at_Turner.com
(or, do it in addition to mail if you like).

An extensive "SwatKats" article is in the current issue of "Animato"
magazine, which I highly recommend in any event. It's been suggested to
me by others that a "letter to the editor" concering the article or the
show in general has a reasonable chance of getting printed in the next issue.
Submissions for "Animato!" can be sent to:

17 Spruce St.
Springfield MA

Attn:Letters to the Editor

"Animation" magazine also prints "Letters to the Editor" on various
subjects, and you can send submissions to them at "anniemag_at_aol.com".
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