Re: Toys, anyone???

From: Chance <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 10:07:09 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Ian Lynn wrote:

> Well, the magic Aug. 8th date has come and gone, and I don't
> know about any of you, but I ain't seeing no Kat toys on any
> shelves yet. Not that I'm surprised, when was the last time
> any toy company held to a arrival date, or the second on they
> gave, or the third........ Has there been any word on when they're
> due out again???

The thing is, they _are_ out in certain K-Marts already, but evidently
nowhere else. I can get Remco's number and find out what the deal is,
but I can't ask the Tremblay bros. till after my Airshow-deal (14th).

There's enough of us geographically spread about, surely _someone_
must've seen 'em besides the two people who mentioned them.

 "We had one Tom and Jerry where he was chasing someone with a baseball bat.
        We had to go back and change it to a tennis racket."

 -Director John Rice on re-drawing vintage cartoons for new violence rules-
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