(fwd) TBS ends "SwatKats"

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Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 14:19:57 -0700

The Turner Superstation TBS will not be airing "SwatKats:The Radical
Squadron" after the end of the current rotation. The series will end
with the episode "Deadly Pyramid", and there are no plans to re-run the
episode missed in the current rotation "The Dark Side of the SwatKats".

The series will continue to run on Turner's "Cartoon Network" in markets
with access to it.

At San Diego Comicon, a Turner representative answered a number of
"SwatKats" questions with:

        "If there's enough fan demand, the show will be put back in

A TPS rep today suggested the statement was likely made to keep the Kats
fans happy at Comicon only.

 "We had one Tom and Jerry where he was chasing someone with a baseball bat.
        We had to go back and change it to a tennis racket." 
 -Director John Rice on re-drawing vintage cartoons for new violence rules-
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