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Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 00:21:56 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, White Trash (SK) wrote:

> Ratman-
> I don't see anything missing, it seems very complete. Although, are you
> sure that TCN is only playing that Kats for a month? (It would only make
> sense, as only 25 episodes were produced) The way they've been putting it
> in the ads, it's going to be an on-going thing. They never mentioned an
> end date... Any else know for sure about this? I can double check...

Last month, Hanna-Barbera _directly_ told me that Kats would only be in
the PT slot until the beginning of September on TCN, but didn't supply
any info beyond that.

FYI, I sent a message to the "" address today asking if
that San Diego Comicon Turner-rep was speaking for the company. I think
a reply will take awhile via that route, because whoever's banging the
keys at the other end isn't likely to know immediately who to ask.

(BTW - the guys at the toonnet address _did_ say that they'd address any
 Kats questions that list members or newsgroup fans may have...I think I
 forgot to mention that earlier.)

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