Re: The Videos

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 10:26:09 CDT

> Due to poor renting,
> the only video store that I've found that has them will be putting

> "Due to poor renting". Unreal. No press, no advertising, no
>promotion of any kind, and now the Turner powers that be will use the
>poor sales and rental figures to justify a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. The video store is privately
owned and they decided the rentals weren't going out quick enough.
Although all this does fall back on Ted Inc. because of
the reasons Andy mentioned.

BTW the cover and back art are awesome. The rougher look of the guys
on the back is just too damn tough!!!

> I'd heard that the selling price of the cassettes is 12.99, but I
>could be wrong. The rental versions aren't likely to have the extra
>stuff that the sale versions do.

Yeah, but like everyone has said try and find the darn things!!!

Now, I'm waiting to hear that after shipping a few cases of toys Remco
was ordered to cancel the line, because no one bought them in the first
day. Actually, how many people will even know there out there without
a few commercials. Before long the Kats will be hangiong next to
"The Skeleton Warriors" on the clearance rack.

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