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> > Does Tower Records except visa from an out of stater?
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> >As far as I know they do. You may be able to do mail order from them. Being
> local, I have never asked. The Tower I went to is in Carl Place, NY.
> Information should provide you with the phone number. I don't have it
> recorded
> or I would gladly give it to you.
> Tower's mail order dept can be accessed by calling 1-800-Ask-tower.
> Only thing is, I've only called the number once in regards to a music
> selection, so I'm not entirely certain if the number can be used for video
> ordering as well. Well at any rate, even if it isn't (though I don't see how,
> since it's 'tower' which would include 'tower music' and 'tower video' and
> not just 'tower music') someone there should be able to steer you the right
> way. Be prepared to wait for a little bit though as they're usually busy.
> Hope this helps. Hey Mitch, the nearest Tower to me is in Carle Place as
> well. Where exactly do you live? -Skykit.
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I live in Merrick. I thought I was the only one on line this early in the morn.
I tend to spend this time catching up on all the late night comments. I start
work at 7:00am, which I prefer, as its quiet and management doesn't show for

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