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Date: 95-08-01 07:25:00 EDT

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> Subject: Re: The Videos
> Does Tower Records except visa from an out of stater?
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>As far as I know they do. You may be able to do mail order from them. Being
local, I have never asked. The Tower I went to is in Carl Place, NY.
Information should provide you with the phone number. I don't have it
or I would gladly give it to you.

Tower's mail order dept can be accessed by calling 1-800-Ask-tower.
Only thing is, I've only called the number once in regards to a music
selection, so I'm not entirely certain if the number can be used for video
ordering as well. Well at any rate, even if it isn't (though I don't see how,
since it's 'tower' which would include 'tower music' and 'tower video' and
not just 'tower music') someone there should be able to steer you the right
way. Be prepared to wait for a little bit though as they're usually busy.
Hope this helps. Hey Mitch, the nearest Tower to me is in Carle Place as
well. Where exactly do you live? -Skykit.
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