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     I'm going to call the poster manufacturer today and see if there is
indeed another poster of the 'Kat guys. Apparently, there will not be a
reprint of the version some of us already have, despite the fact that
those stores carrying it are invariably sold out. Personally, I find it
hard to imagine how "sold out" = "no demand", but then again I'm not in
sales, therefore a logical individual. I'll try and buy a stock of the
things directly from the printer, and save some for Kats fans present and
future - screw Turner.

     Christian Tremblay is evidently going to dig up the three scripts of
the last uncompleted episodes when he goes to Montreal for awhile
(starting today, I think). I don't know if I get to print them out on
the list, or if anyone wants to read them here (depends on your personal
mailbox situation I suppose). Christian was also thinking of a contest
of sorts for the Kats fans (whether a random draw, or a "best of" kind of
thing as yet unknown) with a signed piece of original artwork as the
prize. Let me know if you collectively have any ideas for something like
this and we'll try and hammer something out.

     This bit following is from Lance Falk's early draft of the "Style
Guide" concerning what _he_ thought were the strength's of the show as a
memeber of the Swat Kats design team at H-B. Two things I noticed - I
think it's obvious that Lance liked the characters, and identified what
some of us noted as strengths in the characters, and also points out some
of the same bits I liked for character-development. Compare these
descriptions to some of the similar ones for Marvel-universe characters -
there isn't a single wooden character to be found _here_.

(Style Guide excerpt:)


It's hard to talk about one without mentioning the other. These guys are
a unit, the self-proclaimed radical squadron.

     Once underappreciated pilots in Megakat City's Enforcer squadron,
Razor and T-Bone fly by their own rules without having to answer to
_anybody_, and that's just how they like it!

     They may be a team, but there's a macho rivalry between these two
guys. They're always testing and trying to one-up each other...whether
it's seeing who can eat the hottest food or testing who can withstand
the greatest speed in the hangar centerfuge (sic).

     The rivalry keeps T-Bone and Razor on their toes. They may pick on
each other (ed: I think this should actually read 'tease', no?) in
private...but are quick to defend one another to the outside world.
Macho posturing aside, they'd risk everything for each other.

**ed: these are the original character descriptions for T-Bone and Razor
  that didn't make it to any public forum**


This backbone of the team is the strong and burly type. T-Bone's
piloting skills take a back seat to no one. He can fly higher, faster,
and more agilely than any buzzboy around! Some call him a hot stick
maniac, but one kat knows better....


And that's Razor! T-Bone's best pal, biggest rival, and the best weapons
expert in the business! A master inventor and mechanic, Razor's second
home is his beloved Turbokat weapons station. Did you say accuracy?
Razor can shoot an apple off a cactus from 2,000 feet up while flying
upside down! His awesome invention and targeting skills are matched only
by his big buddy T-Bone's flying prowess!


     Ted Turner has just been described by some Hollywood media types as
being "Crazy as a Bedbug" in conjunction with some public statements made
recently, and I did get the impression that the author meant the comment
to reflect directly on Ted's mental stability (TT's father committed
suicide at Ted's age - 57 - because he was a couple icecubes short of a
tray, and Ted's on Lithium to ward off the same type of thing). His
decisions concerning H-B have puzzled rather a few people, and for those
who don't get to read my novels on rec.arts.animation, the fight at H-B
didn't only concern keeping the 'Kats - Turner wanted to shut down new
cartoon production altogether and live off the back catalog re-running
endlessly on TCN.

     It gets better. Two of the very prominent Kats people are doing one
"short" each for Turner's "World Premiere Toon" deal. Questions about
how each felt about 'Kats cancellation were greeted with a pregnant
pause, then "yeah - that shouldn't have happened", and when it was
pointed out to these individuals that "public opinion at large seems to
regard the WPT's as sh**" - one of 'em replied "um....yeah. Most are".

     Anyway, I'll post the results of my poster question later.

 "Of course it has boogers in it. It's got kid-type humour" - John K. in TVG
 "Naaaah...just make them cat aliens." - Executive 'creative input' at H-B
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