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From: MATT WEBER <MATT_W_at_delphi.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 1995 13:07:00 -0400 (EDT)

I talked with Mark Lungo last night (7/22) and said he just got off
the phone with Christian Tremblay. We talked about a few thing you
might find of interest.

1. We were talking about the availability of the posters that I'm
sure everyone's heard about by now. Apparently Mark had heard that
there was another version of the poster with different artwork on it
(i.e. not similar to the poses TB & R are standing in, in
"poster1.jpg" of the ftp site.) Christian could not confirm this
info. Has anyone seen any other posters?

2. The Animato! issue with Mark's SK article should be available in
stores *very* soon. He said that the issue went to print very late
for unknown reasons. (Although what can you expect from such a
small publication?)

3. I mentioned to Mark that I picked up the videos at Suncoast
Motion Picture Company, a video store usually found in malls. He
was excited to hear this since he'd been looking for them for a
while. He said that the "Deadly Dr. Viper" volume was originally
supposed to have "The Giant Bacteria" episode instead of
"Katastrophe". (By the way, "Detructive Nature" is the other ep. on
this tape.) I told him I was glad they opted for "Katastrophe"
instead, since I didn't particularly care for "Bacteria", IMHO.
Mark agreed. (I would like to have seen "The Origin of Dr. Viper"
on this tape as well -- I thought it was an excellent ep.)

4. We briefly talked about the poor Turner marketing behind the SK
merchandise & show. He said that it was the primary complaint from
everyone he's talked to. Mark said that TPS is now concentrating
all its efforts on "Johnny Quest". *I* don't think they could ever
match the original episodes with the same overall quality; but we'll

Well, that's about all.
Any thoughts?
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