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> Well, it seems the list is dead until the fall..

BZZZZZZT! But hey, thanks for playing.

Here's the first part of a Lance Falk script premise from 10/10/93. I'm
going to have to break the thing up into a couple of parts so I can like,
well - got to work or some junk. Anyways, I'd ask that no one copy this
over to any public forum like a newsgroup or an a.p.a. without asking me
first, as I'll have to ask others.


                     SWAT KATS:
                THE RADICAL SQUADRON

                    "COLD WAR"


     Razor and T-Bone are testing an elaborate, state-of-the-art FLIGHT
SIMULATOR in the SWAT Kat hangar. This simulator consists of a
functional, full-size Turbokat cockpit held twenty feet in the air on a
flexible armature. The cockpit can bank, dive, barrel-roll, and so forth
on its mount, giving the illusion of full flight. This cockpit is
facing an enormous holographic screen, programmed to show any variety of
simulated dangers. (This rig is a little like the technology behind the
Star Tours ride, but more elaborate).

     Razor is controlling the simulation from his weapons position behind
T-Bone. T-Bone easily defeats the first few targets and teases his
partner. "Is this the best you got, pal? How about a _real_
challenge?" Razor grins and stabs at a button marked "The Works",
laughing. "You asked for it, big buddy."

     Suddenly, T-Bone has to rapidly weave through a barrage of simulated
dangers from past adventures. Dark Kat's Fearship (9305), the giant
Ci-Kat-a (9310), flying Plantimals (9304), The Ghost Pilot (9308), The
Megasaurus Rex (9303) The Macrobots (9312), a Cyclops (9306), a Bacteria
Monster (9301), Giant Madkat Octopus (9311), and lastly Rex Shard, the
dangerous crystal colossus (9309).

     "Shard" is fast and "grabs" at the jet. His emerald hand fills the
screen and his palm laser blast bathes the hangar in a flash of light.
The simulator screen goes dark. GAME OVER!!

     T-Bone pounds his dashboard in frustration as the simulator winds
down and lowers the SWAT Kats to the hangar floor. "It's not fair!"
T-Bone says sullenly. "Shard was never _that_ fast!" Razor shrugs.
"Gotta keep sharp, T-Bone...I wonder what ever became of that creep Shard
after we beat him?" T-Bone sneers. "Who cares? After we zapped away
that crazy power of his, he became just another thug doing hard time at
Megakat Maximum Security Prison."

---Part II will follow later today, or perhaps tomorrow.

        "I didn't study acting for...years to play a cartoon character!"
                -Canadian actress Genevieve Bujold explaining her
                 stormy exit as ST:Voyager's "Capt. Janeway".
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