video skandel....

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 95 08:25:24 CDT

O.k.., now I'm ready to admit that all this stuff with the kat
videos is starting to look a tad suspecious. Hit most of the
usual spots last night, and even went WAY out of my way to hit
a blockbuster and Best-Buys, and got completely nothing on the
videos. Saw the new Poca Singalong, the new Tick video (2 very
cool episodes), tons of re-stocked MMPR, and even restocked
CAPT PLANETS!!!!! What the hell is the deal here, and asking a
sales person is a complete waste of time..."We get everything from
our home office, we never know whats coming" (which I realize is usually

AUGHHHHH!!!! This is getting very $%!#$_at_! annoying!!!!!

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