Cartoons aren't just for kids....

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 95 12:35:13 CDT

Not really on topic, but I feel this is important enough.

Caught "At the Movies" or whatever Siskel and Ebert's show is now last
night. They did a review of "Mask of the Phantasm" the movie inspired
by the BTAS. Siskel said something to the effect that he rented it at
home and had Ebert watch it as well, because they had never reviewed it
2+ years ago. Siskel was so impressed by the quality of the animation
and the story, that he gave an entusastic thumbs up. The reason I'm
posting this is because of the statement that was made at the end of
the review:(paraphrased) "Quality animation like this helps to clarify
that animation isn't *just for kids* anymore. We really dropped the
ball on not reviewing this movie when it came out. Worth renting."
I can't help but think that if the two supreme gods of review have
realized this that studios may not be far behind, and that something
like the Kats movie may actually become a reality someday soon.

Wishfully thinking
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